Making The Song: Lola Bleu – Where Do We Go From Here

I thought i would take the time out and humiliate myself by letting you here the demo of a song called “Where Do We Go From Here” by Lola Bleu. Enjoy….dont laugh too hard. i personally think i did quite well on the harmonies lol.


Well, the song is based on a dream i had one day. I think i recall having a little argument with a lady that i was talking to at that time. In this dream i was involved in a relationship of uncertainty which was obviously destined to fail, yet i wanted to stay in it and just ask question why,when…..where do we go from here…… yet at the end there was still no answer.

I woke up the next morning and still had the concept on my mind and decided that i would make it a song. The music and lyrics came to me very easily. I didn’t write anything down just recorded the lyrics in takes line by line (punch ins), in the best melody I could think of so it was sort of a semi freestyle about the dream.

After i got done with the song i was very please and surprised that i was able to write something that. I felt genius honestly.. what i enjoyed the most was the backgrounds and harmonies which probably was the most time-consuming. can’t forget the chord progression i think its very pleasant

I then gave it to Lola Bleu and she loved it. we brainstormed on the hook and bridge and BLAM and masterpiece……

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Making the Beat: Tech N9ne – “Twerk” Ft. Krizz Kaliko, Skatterman & Snug Brim


  • REASON 3.0

“TWERK!” for a minute i forgot about this track i produced for Tech N9ne…. Why? well it was on a promo CD that they were giving out when he and the Strange music roster was touring with the Kotton Mouth Kings back in 2008… i have the cd but i rarely listen to it… i was reminded when i saw a tweet on twitter abouth the song via YOUTUBE…

This beat was made before i even knew Tech yet the came year i started making beat for the him and his label mates.. This was on e of the beats that i made when i just got REASON 3.0..

The main thing that stands out to me are the drums … The kick drum has some kinda muffled explosion mix with a deep tone.. which can be found in the reason presets AS WELL and the infamous “Twerk” yell which  doesnt really sound like the dude is saying “twerk”  but Tech and them made it work lol… Also the percussion help the drum groove which plays over this (Annoying to me now) sitar 4note that i arrpegiated throught the whole fuckin song…. Alot of people ive been told love to hear this song when they are high for some reason…lol

Truthfully  every sound in this song is a  PRESET!! lol clown if you want the nigga bought the beat….lol.

Unfortunetly its rare you might can find it on the internet some where cause it was an exlcusive to only people who attended the performances at that time… Maybe one day it will be on a “Vintage Tech” So i can get paid more that what i got for the beat which wasnt that much… ;O)

Making The Beat: Skatterman & Snug Brim – “Hold Me Down”

Skatterman & Snug Brim – “Hold Me Down”

Weapon of Choice:

  • Reason 3.0

Probably the best album that i produced records on in the Strange Music Catalog, because you actually can hear my versatility as a producer….Sucks it was promoted in the wrong demographic (In my opinion). This is the 1st of 6 songs you hear “from me” on the album. At the time i was experimenting in drum cadences as you can obviously hear that year as well on Tech N9ne’s “Killer” album.

I didnt know exactly what skatterman and snug wanted, i really didnt  have any intentions to work with them but they acutally did justice at all the tracks i did for their album … i actually sent this beat specifically for tech but unfortunelty (But not so cause S&S rocked it) tech was on tour and Skatt & snug had the studio all to themselves…. so they got all 6 that was sent the time of the tour

I went the west coast route on this one…. but with my twist of course… started off with a MEAN organ chord progession that  sound like some phantom of the opera .. then the bassline rumbles the trunk like an earthquake…

Sometimes you gotta keep the drum pattern “SIMPLE” . Dhe Drums stomping Simply on the “1”,”3-&” mixed with the marching drums creates a unique groove that people knowaday claim boring… but at the end of the day ‘THAT BEAT IS THE SHIT!!!”  Runandtelldat………….homeboy….lol





Making the Beat: “Tech N9ne – I Can Feel It”

“I Can Feel It” is track #9 off of Misery Love Kompany.

This probably my favorite track off the album that i produced. With its eerie vibe mixed with a pinch of distorted guitar and horrorish,susupenseful,drama soundtrackish presents makes for a good story to be told over it.

Tech N9ne, The Philsta, and Agginy (Who went the hardest on her verse)IMO lyrically paints a picture about infidelity in relationships.. a rarely tapped subject in hip hop then and knowadays…




The original beat had a reason fill guitar on guitar parts… it didnt sound authentic so Rob Rebeck (the Engineer) replay the guitar part with a “real guitar”

What i like some much about this beat is the woodwind instruments in the begining… Reminiscent of a sample that you would think came from a Asian kung fu movie BUT ….its not a sample … played that… Reason had the cool ass flute that sounded very vintage and with a little reverb added in…. IT SOUND SOOOO COOL even by itself.. Cinematic sounding.

The drum sounds where tookin from a song by The Beatnuts”What Out Now” (Click the Title to see where the “drum kit” came from)at the very begining of their song..I chop the drums into there individual hits then only used the kick and snare.. I LOVE THAT KIT —

Overall it one of my favorite beats and one of my favorite song ive ever produced (top 10)

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Making the Beat: “THAT BOX”

That Box” is track number 4 on Tech N9ne’s Misery Love Kompany. Which was release back in 2007 (3 years ago already…damn)..


Beat was made in 2006. At that time i was really heavy into HARDWARE and was cranking out beats that way with and analog mixer ( Which i still have to this day but dont use anymore due to its lame ass unreliable and EXPENSIVE as hell to replace ASS Power Supply….

It really wasnt nothing to make this beat…. any of you that do make beats probably could tell that… but more than likely you might not have heard anything like it..even with its cheapish

Very inexperience at the time as far as separating the stems, (Tracking instruments out) i mixdown the all the sounds that came from the Halo (Strings,bells,pizzicatos) one track smh.

SO..the masters only consisted 4 wav files (BEATBOX SAMPLE,SNAPS,MICOKORG LEAD, AND THE HALO SOUND)(Lazy? or inexperienced)…..smh

BUT Rob Rebeck the engineer for that whole album was able to work some magic.. but iam sure the female singing my strings melody was an attempt to bring them out…in which i felt it was a success.

Very simple track… nothing special really….. but VERY unique and original…

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