Zo – Before Hazard Happens (Free Album Download)

Track Listing

1. Disturbia (Ft. b. White)

2. Time

3. Rich

4. Rox boy (Ft. Mista Freezy)

5. We Are The Fools (Ft. Cee Cee Simone)

6. Black As Hell (Ft. b. White)

7. Sold My Soul

8. Picture Perfect (Ft. Antjuan Adams)

9. Moment Of Appreciation

10. Iz U Wid It

11. Mine For Tonight

12.Ghost (Ft. Kristmas)

13. Hazardous

14. The Rising Sun





Tracklisting: Antjuan Adams – “Then Til now”

 Antjuan Adams – “Then Til Now”

Out Jan 7th

  1. Against All Odds (Produced By Matic Lee)
  2.  Down 4 Da count Ft. Ice cold Jay & Blaze (Produced By David Sanders II)
  3. Monthly Ft. Blaze 314 (Produced By Blaze 314)
  4. N D Ar (produced By David Sanders II)
  5. B Here (Produced Matic Lee)
  6.  Baby,Baby,Baby Ft. Matic Lee & Skrill Will (Produced By David Sanders II
  7. crazy (Produced By Matic Lee)
  8. Encore (Produced By Eque)
  9. Such A Fool (Produced By Olive “OG” Grose)
  10. Traffic (Produced By David Sanders II

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Track From the Album “N D AIR”