While many producers significantly alter their style to cater to the norm, David Sanders II is sticking to the self style formula that has brought him alarming success. The Huntsville, Alabama resident recently rose to fame when he produced seven cuts on Tech N9ne’s latest album, Misery Loves Kompany. According to the hip-hop bible The Source Magazine, “‘That Box”, which features a beat box and a crunk-like, club ready beat from promising producer David Sanders II, kicks off the sexually focused section of the album.” was taken by the beat maestros’ capacity as a producer and is quoted as saying, “the producers also step their game up on this one giving Tech N9ne dope beat after dope beat. Produced almost entirely by Michael Summers and David Sanders Misery Loves Kompany is solid throughout with beats that maintain the dark vibe that fits Tech N9ne’s style but still manages to be accessible…Misery Loves Kompany is one of the better produced albums Tech N9ne has put out.”

The sound of wondrous music piqued David’s interest at the tender age of thirteen. Being a producer who continually expands his musical horizons into many genres is due in part to his early influence of New Wave and Synth-style music. “I started producing because music has always given me a feeling I never felt before, a feeling that is impossible to describe in words and only is meant to be experienced,” Sanders states. He adds, “To me there’s nothing like opening up a CD of one of your favorite artist’s albums and reading your name in the credits. When people who bought the album show me love, it means a lot to me.”

Injecting energy and the creativity of pure hip-hop from inside his fully-equipped studio is all in a days work for David Sanders II. Utilizing the hard 808 snare from the MPC 2000 while stroking the keys on his Korg Microkord, melodic and heavy beats are churned out.

In true hip-hop fashion, David Sanders lends his production skills to a bevy of artists such as Lola Bleu, Matic Lee, Mistah F.A.B., The Philsta, Kutt Kalhoun, Big Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone, Agginy, Prozak, Skatterman and Snug Brim. Armed with remarkably brilliant production skills, the 31 year old beat wizard and owner of HSP Music LLC is on the fast track to becoming critically acclaimed.


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