A Few Words: Kristmas – “W2 Boy” (Album Out NOW!)

Im not saying this cause i produced 2 tracks on this album, but this a very solid album.  13 bangin track from begining to end… my personal favorite song on the album is the track “Slavin”. Kristmas wrecked it over THE MEANEST BEAT ive ever heard from any nigga in our city of huntsville alabama…..and it wasnt mine :o( lol.

I Produced “Somethin Wrong” and “My Good Thang” btw

I wish there were more artist out there like kristmas that i would care to work with…but they are so scarce around these here parts…but there are a few but i HAD to work with this nigga cause its not that bullshit ass trap rap……….. its fuckin SUBJECT ORIENTED MUSIC!………GOOD MUSIC…  

Its always good for musicians like me to atleast feel that there music will be remembered for years to come…

Get the album here—–> http://kristmas.bandcamp.com/  ITS ONLY 5 DOLLARS! and find out what good music sound like.

P.S. “Slavin” GOES HARD!!!  lol

                                                    -David Sanders II



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