Making the Beat: Tech N9ne – “Twerk” Ft. Krizz Kaliko, Skatterman & Snug Brim


  • REASON 3.0

“TWERK!” for a minute i forgot about this track i produced for Tech N9ne…. Why? well it was on a promo CD that they were giving out when he and the Strange music roster was touring with the Kotton Mouth Kings back in 2008… i have the cd but i rarely listen to it… i was reminded when i saw a tweet on twitter abouth the song via YOUTUBE…

This beat was made before i even knew Tech yet the came year i started making beat for the him and his label mates.. This was on e of the beats that i made when i just got REASON 3.0..

The main thing that stands out to me are the drums … The kick drum has some kinda muffled explosion mix with a deep tone.. which can be found in the reason presets AS WELL and the infamous “Twerk” yell which  doesnt really sound like the dude is saying “twerk”  but Tech and them made it work lol… Also the percussion help the drum groove which plays over this (Annoying to me now) sitar 4note that i arrpegiated throught the whole fuckin song…. Alot of people ive been told love to hear this song when they are high for some reason…lol

Truthfully  every sound in this song is a  PRESET!! lol clown if you want the nigga bought the beat….lol.

Unfortunetly its rare you might can find it on the internet some where cause it was an exlcusive to only people who attended the performances at that time… Maybe one day it will be on a “Vintage Tech” So i can get paid more that what i got for the beat which wasnt that much… ;O)


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