Making The Beat: Skatterman & Snug Brim – “Hold Me Down”

Skatterman & Snug Brim – “Hold Me Down”

Weapon of Choice:

  • Reason 3.0

Probably the best album that i produced records on in the Strange Music Catalog, because you actually can hear my versatility as a producer….Sucks it was promoted in the wrong demographic (In my opinion). This is the 1st of 6 songs you hear “from me” on the album. At the time i was experimenting in drum cadences as you can obviously hear that year as well on Tech N9ne’s “Killer” album.

I didnt know exactly what skatterman and snug wanted, i really didnt  have any intentions to work with them but they acutally did justice at all the tracks i did for their album … i actually sent this beat specifically for tech but unfortunelty (But not so cause S&S rocked it) tech was on tour and Skatt & snug had the studio all to themselves…. so they got all 6 that was sent the time of the tour

I went the west coast route on this one…. but with my twist of course… started off with a MEAN organ chord progession that  sound like some phantom of the opera .. then the bassline rumbles the trunk like an earthquake…

Sometimes you gotta keep the drum pattern “SIMPLE” . Dhe Drums stomping Simply on the “1”,”3-&” mixed with the marching drums creates a unique groove that people knowaday claim boring… but at the end of the day ‘THAT BEAT IS THE SHIT!!!”  Runandtelldat………….homeboy….lol






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