Making the Beat: “THAT BOX”

That Box” is track number 4 on Tech N9ne’s Misery Love Kompany. Which was release back in 2007 (3 years ago already…damn)..


Beat was made in 2006. At that time i was really heavy into HARDWARE and was cranking out beats that way with and analog mixer ( Which i still have to this day but dont use anymore due to its lame ass unreliable and EXPENSIVE as hell to replace ASS Power Supply….

It really wasnt nothing to make this beat…. any of you that do make beats probably could tell that… but more than likely you might not have heard anything like it..even with its cheapish

Very inexperience at the time as far as separating the stems, (Tracking instruments out) i mixdown the all the sounds that came from the Halo (Strings,bells,pizzicatos) one track smh.

SO..the masters only consisted 4 wav files (BEATBOX SAMPLE,SNAPS,MICOKORG LEAD, AND THE HALO SOUND)(Lazy? or inexperienced)…..smh

BUT Rob Rebeck the engineer for that whole album was able to work some magic.. but iam sure the female singing my strings melody was an attempt to bring them out…in which i felt it was a success.

Very simple track… nothing special really….. but VERY unique and original…

Get the track on Itunes HERE


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