Grade A Musik Interview: David Sanders II

Shouts out to Codie G from Slow Motion Soundz for the setting this up.


Making The Beat:Tech N9ne Ft. Kutt Kalhoun Mistah Fab – “LETS GO”

Tech N9ne – “Let’s Go” Ft. Kutt Kalhoun & Mistah FAB



  • Reason 4.0

OK…. so at the time when this album was in production i was having a hard time getting a tracked placed with TECH N9NE. It was my main priority at that moment though i did half of Misery Love Kompany but its technically not considered a “Tech N9ne” Album for some reason… I was slamming him with beat CD after Beat CD after Beat CD and he never took a track…. Frustrated i gave the CEO (Travis O’guinn) a call to get a better description on what the HELL was tech n9ne looking for in a track to i could get on this

I asked what type of beats is tech looking for since obviously he didnt want what i was sending him… Travis O’Guinn then responds “We are looking for club tracks, something to get the girls dancing” Which was cool i could do that but he adds on “TIMBALAND TYPE TRACKS” SKKKKKKUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRTTTTT!? WTF!?

In my mind im thinking……”Did he just say timbaland type tracks to a dude WHO IS NOT… let alone not even on his level…….yet ;0)

and he did…

I told him “Im noooooo timbaland but ill put my swag on it”…lol

Long story short… i did my thing  and i guess they found what the were looking for.. Though this beat is no where near a Timbaland beat… i actually didnt really care, but most importantly didnt want to sound like timbaland cause i feel that Producer COPYCATS are lame.. i am not him and he is not me.. *shrugs*

Good think i did try… since then its been played at a Kansas City Chiefs game and also play during an episode of MTV’s  The Hills… so thats good..

My Favorite part of the beat are the FUCKIN drums!!!! they were layered so well… next would be the Techno synth (Arpegiator)  that drives the tracks PERIOD full of energy…makes you want to hit the gym ASAP…lol





Making the Beat: “Tech N9ne – I Can Feel It”

“I Can Feel It” is track #9 off of Misery Love Kompany.

This probably my favorite track off the album that i produced. With its eerie vibe mixed with a pinch of distorted guitar and horrorish,susupenseful,drama soundtrackish presents makes for a good story to be told over it.

Tech N9ne, The Philsta, and Agginy (Who went the hardest on her verse)IMO lyrically paints a picture about infidelity in relationships.. a rarely tapped subject in hip hop then and knowadays…




The original beat had a reason fill guitar on guitar parts… it didnt sound authentic so Rob Rebeck (the Engineer) replay the guitar part with a “real guitar”

What i like some much about this beat is the woodwind instruments in the begining… Reminiscent of a sample that you would think came from a Asian kung fu movie BUT ….its not a sample … played that… Reason had the cool ass flute that sounded very vintage and with a little reverb added in…. IT SOUND SOOOO COOL even by itself.. Cinematic sounding.

The drum sounds where tookin from a song by The Beatnuts”What Out Now” (Click the Title to see where the “drum kit” came from)at the very begining of their song..I chop the drums into there individual hits then only used the kick and snare.. I LOVE THAT KIT —

Overall it one of my favorite beats and one of my favorite song ive ever produced (top 10)

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Making the Beat: “THAT BOX”

That Box” is track number 4 on Tech N9ne’s Misery Love Kompany. Which was release back in 2007 (3 years ago already…damn)..


Beat was made in 2006. At that time i was really heavy into HARDWARE and was cranking out beats that way with and analog mixer ( Which i still have to this day but dont use anymore due to its lame ass unreliable and EXPENSIVE as hell to replace ASS Power Supply….

It really wasnt nothing to make this beat…. any of you that do make beats probably could tell that… but more than likely you might not have heard anything like it..even with its cheapish

Very inexperience at the time as far as separating the stems, (Tracking instruments out) i mixdown the all the sounds that came from the Halo (Strings,bells,pizzicatos) one track smh.

SO..the masters only consisted 4 wav files (BEATBOX SAMPLE,SNAPS,MICOKORG LEAD, AND THE HALO SOUND)(Lazy? or inexperienced)…..smh

BUT Rob Rebeck the engineer for that whole album was able to work some magic.. but iam sure the female singing my strings melody was an attempt to bring them out…in which i felt it was a success.

Very simple track… nothing special really….. but VERY unique and original…

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