Lola Bleu – “Love Will Find A Way” ALBUM OUT NOW

This album is finally out sorry letting you guys know this 2weeks later but i have been doing alot of things since then… and plus i am the ONLY employee od HSP MUSIC LLC. But Im very Proud of how the album turned out and was even more proud to see about 150+ people at Lola Bleu’s album release partyon aug 1 2010 at humphreys downtown… the tab should tell you how happy i was… NEVER spend that much on liquor in my life….

Lola Put on a good show despite the turmoil that only a few about that happened prior to show time but from the outside looking in you wouldve NEVER thought that night possibly wouldnt have turned out the way it did if I wasnt on my “shit!”

Ive been trying for week to get the video footage of the perfomance up and running on youtube but been having some problems (Hint iam not into making videos) but ill try to get them up ASAP along with other footage.

but overall it was on of the best experiences of my life to date and that day showed me and set in stone that THIS IS WHAT I DO!! And what i went through that night was NOTHING!’

There will be more things in the future that will attempt to destroy what ive build thus far…..

But if theres anything that night taught me was……….

“I can NEVER fail………Just die”

-David Sanders II


Be sure to check out Lola Bleu at

Feel free to download the sampler in the MEDIA section of the site

ALSO subscribe to her mailing list for exclusive music,merchandise, and discounts on cds etc in the future at

Album is availible to purchase ALL OVER THE INTERNET (Itunes,amazon,cdbaby,zune,etc)

Purchase the Physical CD at


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